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Research interests

​My research interests lie in:

  • Language acquisition (L1 and L2)

  • Syntax and Semantics

  • Cantonese grammar 

  • Language and Cognition

Research topics

My recent research topics include:

First and Second Language Acquisition 

  • The acquisition of A-quantifiers (L1 Cantonese; L2 Cantonese; L1 Mandarin)

  • The acquisition of cardinal and ordinal numbers (L1 Cantonese)

  • The acquisition of nominals (L2 Cantonese)

  • The early grammar of Shanghainese-speaking children 

(in collaboration with Jialei Zhu and Thomas Hun-tak Lee)

​Cantonese grammar

  • Syntactic change in Cantonese


Language Development and Numerical Cognition

  • The development of numerical cognition in children

(in collaboration with Charles Yang and Thomas Hun-tak Lee)

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